Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas - Day 11

I am so so tired tonight, it is only 9.45pm and I am sitting in bed updating my blog. So I think it will be a fairly short post. Tonight I thought I would share with you this Miniature Patchwork Christmas Wallhanging. I started patchwork/quilting when I lived in Larchmont, New York and continued when I moved back to OZ. I was really into it but now just do it occasionally. Needless to say I have lots of quilt tops yet to be joined to their backing and quilted and tons and tons of fabric. I am thinking of selling some of the fabric on ebay. That is the joy of doing a miniature Quilt/Wallhanging, you actually get something finished - and me being a procrastinator that is a huge accomplishment. OK I really have to tuck myself into bed and hopefully get a good night sleep.

Oh, nearly forgot -had to share with you all the yummy "Chocolate Ripple Cake" Kath made the other night - my favorite desert - yum yum.


  1. How funny that I started quilting in Larchmont too when I moved in,26 years ago!!
    And like you,I have tons of fabric that haven't been touch in years!!!!
    You certainly do live with the spirit of Xmas around, in your home and that's very nice to see.

  2. Beautiful wall hanging, too bad we're not closer I'd buy your material off of you and attempt to do a quilt... but most likely would sell off the material in 20 some odd years with a similar story. I'd have a Christmas wall hanging with a story too! lol

    That Cake looks heavenly! I hope your link will take me to the recipe, I'd love to try it!

    Hope you had a good sleep!

  3. Hello Davine
    A lovely wall hanging.
    Really like patchwork & quilting, but I've only accomplished a little in the pass.
    Would like to do more, especially has I've been seeing patterns recently which has been more tempting to have another go.
    Love chocolate cake of any description,
    so Yum!Lol

    Kind Regards

  4. Quilting and knitting are things that I have no ability or patience with whatsoever. Which is a shame because I do like the eventual product.

  5. I love how a quilt, and other handmade goodies, add such a homely feel to Christmas. Thanks for Sharing, Davine. :)


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