Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Tree - Day 6

Well the tree is decorated and the lights are on and I think it looks beaudyful!! I find decorating my Christmas a very relaxing, spiritual, reflective time. I have felt like this all my life but more so now that I am older and about 90% of my pieces have some sort of history to them - like my little Christmas Elf that climbs his little ladder at the base of our tree each year - my little Hershey man on a sleigh that I got when we visited Hershey Park in Hershey, PA and my Bonnie & Clyde Gangster Car that I got from Warner Bros. Studios in California. Each piece I place on my tree has my mind wandering, reflecting on some time in my life - both happy and sad, smiling at some of the antics my kids did during their tiny years. Maybe that is why I love Christmas, it is filled with so many feelings and memories.


  1. Your tree is so full and beautiful! What a wonderland of ornaments. The little elf climbing the ladder to help decorate is the perfect touch!!!

  2. Beautifully decorated!
    I always seem to add something most years, and yes you're right, a chance to reflect.
    So please you were able to capture this time to do some Christmas decorating.

    Take care Davine

  3. Hi Davine!
    Thanks for sharing your tree! I have ornaments I made before my kids were born and I handpainted them. Used them for decades and now they are packed carefully away for them - someday. About the only traditional thing I still do is bake cookies.

  4. So pretty Davine, I love the nostalgia and that your decorations have such sentimental value to them! Very, very nice!

    I think that I'm going to go and decorate mine here as well. I have my decorations now from the farm and seeing everyone's trees makes me what mine done now! Studies can be put on hold for an hour or two! :-)

  5. its so lovely Davine... i love the cute

  6. I appreciate the way you have told us about the value of your decorations. You have a heartfelt style.


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