Friday, February 28, 2020

Februray Goal Finally Finished!

I'm pretty happy with this effort and I've proved to myself, if I have a deadline I finish projects. 

As of today I have finally finished and delivered quilts for my two youngest grandchildren 
Louis (2) and Lily (2), no they are not twins, my kids just are very synchronised!! 
I have really loved doing these quilts, they are a mix of applique and machine 
and I ventured into the Quilt as you Go method and loved it. 
This is definitely now my preferred method of quilting. 
Louis Quilt

Lily's Quilt
I also painted them both a couple of watercolours and framed them. 
My first pieces of art to be framed and I'm pretty happy. 
Louis crazy birds

Lily's crazy birds

Very satisfied with this months effort.

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