Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Goodbye Esperance, Hello Nullabor

Today is our last day in beautiful Esperance, so as usual it was a day of shopping, getting petrol and getting Myrtle ready for the next part of our journey. But this time we have had to organise ourselves just a little more, because our next few days we will be travelling across the Nullabor Plain. Being from the other side of Australia in Melbourne, the Nullabor has always had a bit of an elusive feel to me. I am pretty excited about this part of our Aussie Adventure. I'm presuming I may not have much phone or Internet reception for the next few days so if I don't I may have quite a few photos to share with you next week. So for my farewell to Esperance I will share a few random photos from the Esperance area.
Here fishy, fishy fishy

Someone told me this was a Native Honeysuckle.... but I'm not sure, I don't think it is.
Does anyone know what anyone know what this plant is?

Mmmmm I'm off on a mission......

......and off he goes.....

Someone has erected a small stone mound in front of this rock formation. I know these little rock towers are from the American Indians.
I think they could be called Inukshucks but not sure.
Can anyone verify the name and any other information for me?

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