Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cape Bauer Loop Drive

Today we went for a drive around the Cape Bauer Loop drive. The scenery along this part of the Great Australian Bight is both rugged and spectacular. Before heading onto the loop drive we went and checked out the Back Beach to see if it would be OK to have  fish. Unfortunately no, it was way to windy, but the view was beautiful.
Back Beach
Along the loop drive our first stop was at Cape Bauer, this coastline is so rugged you had no hope of getting down to the beach but oh my it was a wonderful sight.

Cape Bauer
Then it onto the Whistling Rocks and the Blowholes. both these locations are easy to get to with a 360mtr boardwalk and viewing platforms. I wouldn't say the Whistling Rocks actually whistled it was more like an extremely loud whoosh as the force of the waves rushed up the cave. The power of the ocean always excites me. The blowholes was a little disappointing as the ocean wasn't rough enough for them but the sight was still spectacular.
Whistling Rocks
Blowholes - without the water spout
These huge holes beside the lookout were pretty amazing
We then headed back to Streaky Bay to try a bit of fishing on the wharf. Prior to leaving this morning we asked the girl in the caravan park reception what sort of fish you could catch off the wharf. She told us a couple and then said "hopefully you don't get to many shitties"!! We said what are they? She couldn't remember the correct name and said "oh we call them shitties because they taste terrible". I think you can guess what we caught, yes your right - Shitties. Oh well at least we can use a couple of then as bait when we go crabbing tomorrow.
Streaky Bay Wharf
This baby was doing an awful lot of complaining

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