Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fishing Success

Today we headed out to a location that another traveller had recommended to us. So off we started on the 80 km drive to a location that we weren't really sure how to find! We came to the dirt road he had told us about , opened the gate as it is private property and continued along the road that didn't take long before it was a starting to become quite a rough track. After driving quite a while we are starting to wonder if maybe this wasn't the road as we couldn't see any water. Then all of a sudden we came around a corner and there was not only the beautiful Young River but another couple preparing to head out fishing on their canoe.  We continued on a bit further and found a rocky outcrop that looked like it was just the right spot for a bit of fishing. Boy, were we right every single cast we landed a fish. They were all Black Bream and we ended up getting 11 fish, all over 25cm which is the minimum size for Black Bream. We caught a lot more than that but threw quite a few back as they were either undersized or because 6 per person is the bag limit. I don't have shot of the fish as they are already in the freezer but I will share a shot of one on a plate.
Young River

I love fishing but I hate putting bait on the hook. So I try and convince Shane into doing it!!
Then we decided to go and have a look at Stokes Inlet to see if it would be OK to have a bit of a fish.  Oh my I don't think so. The wind was blowing into this inlet and swirling around like a washing machine. The rough seas was swirling so much it creating a huge amount of foam all along the coast line. It actually looked quite amazing. 
A very frothy Stokes Inlet

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