Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hospital - Such Fun

What an exciting day I have had today. I have spent the majority of it in the hospital waiting room. Shane had his hip replacement today and as I write this he is in recovery, so I am presuming all went OK. I will give another update later, but for now I will share with you the view I am looking at out of the waiting room window.OK we will forget about the photo, can't seem to upload on my iphone. Anyway Shane is now on the ward - pretty good I must say although a little stoned from the drugs they have him on.


  1. All the best to Shane for a speedy recovery!

  2. I know so many people who've had that surgery. It's amazing the things they can do these days.

    Wishing Shane and easy, fast and complete recover.

    Happy New Year, jj


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