Monday, January 2, 2012

Whats With Our Weather!!!

We have had the craziest weather this Christmas and New Year. Christmas Day was quite humid and around 30c when all of a sudden we got the biggest hail storm I have ever experienced. I was lucky that I only had a leak in the bathroom but some people had major problems. Here's a shot of Shane's car getting hammered by the hail.
Shanes car getting hammered by the hail on Christmas Day.

Then today we experienced an Aussie Summer at 40c!!! Even though the house was a bit cool with the airconditioner I was starting to get cabin fever. So Shane and I decided to go for a drive. We ended up in Williamstown which is a lovely small historic village. We had good old Fish n Chips for lunch - did a bit of driving around and here we are back home trying to cool down. It's 11.00pm and the temp is still 30c.
Looking at Melbourne (city) from Point Gellibrand - Williamstown - 40c!!!


  1. gee, no climate change there, NOT. Up here in California, we are experiencing a warm dry winter so far and it's hauntingly strange. We need the rain and snow, and just are not getting it.

    Glad Shane's car was okay -- hail can be quite brutal.

  2. This is unreal, here as well we're experiencing odd weather. I posted about it last night. Last year at this time we were digging ourselves out, it was a record snowfall year. This year the streets are dry. This global warming is showing us something, the sad part is I don't think the right people are paying any attention to it and these problems are going to continue and unfortunately they will worsen. We are destroying our environment and Mother Earth is getting extremely upset.... just my take on this.

    It's going to be tough to adjust, we're below zero here and to come to super high temperatures will have me seeking air conditioned places to hang out at.

    I hope you have a good day and things have settled down weather wise. Take care Davine!

  3. Glad you're safe Davine.
    And here the weather's off-kilter too- I so agree with darlin- Mother Nature is righteously pi***d off with us -and rightly so. We've had no rain here for ages, yet still have the northern strong winds that usually brings it down for us. We had huge hailstones during the summer too.


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