Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Week In Torquay - Days 2 to 5

What a mixture of weather and events we have had over the past four days. I'll start at the beginning, which is the best place to start. During our first night we got torrential rain all night long and the front part of our tent flooded a bit, but luckily our bedroom was completely dry. It was quite a "Ground Hog Day" experience. This same weekend last year (2010) I took a photo of my feet up to the ankles in mud here in Torquay.
This years photo of my feet on our day two in 2011 looks almost exactly the same. Then the next morning Shane decided to relocate one of the tent ropes so he removed the tent peg out of the dirt and as soon as he did water started bubbling out of the ground. So now our small flood in the tent was slowly turning into a lake. To cut a long saga short the plumber eventually arrived and fixed the little fountain and the park manager had arrived and worked out that we could move our camp to the site next door. So between six of us we basically picked up everything and shuffled to the left a few meters. Since then we have had beautiful weather and our little tent is very comfortable. Yesterday Alice, Robyn and I even went do the beach and had a bit of a dip in the ocean. Today Shane and I headed of to the Sunday Market in Angelsea then a drive along the famous "Great Ocean Road" for a yummy meal at Wye River. I have taken quite a few photos but I am having trouble uploading them so they will have to wait for another post.


  1. Hope you get to dry out a little...and enjoy some sunshine with that holiday

  2. Great to hear all is well, less a bit of flooding this is! Take good care, I'm looking forward to seeing pics. Cheers my friend!

  3. Holidays always seem like an adventure, don't they? Sounds like a great vacation, Davine.


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