Saturday, September 18, 2010

S Theme - Day 13

Today's "S" word just has to be "St Kilda Saints" who are my Aussie Rules Football Team. I am sitting here watching them play the Bulldogs in the semi final. The winner of this game goes into the Grand Final next week. I love watching football but finals time is just to nerve wracking. I think I may have written these exact words this time last year. Sad thing is this time last year I was listening to it with my dear old dad. He supported the Saints all of his 91 years and I would just love to see them win for his memory. AFL (Australian Football League) is such a huge part to a lot of Australians lives, especially here in Melbourne. The game was originally only located here in Victoria, but is now a national game. Now I am going to continue watching the game - I will let you know what the result is later.
Yahoo !!!!! My team won by 24 points, they are now in the Grand Final next week.

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