Sunday, September 12, 2010

S Theme - Day 9

Hi, yes I am back after having a few IT issues for the past two days.
Before I get onto today's "S" word I am going to go back a few days. You will remember I wanted to hear your ideas of what you would do with a ball of string. Well today I finally finished my "Ball of String" project. My idea came from the blog "Honestly....WTF" and I am extremely happy with how my ball of string turned out. It was pretty easy but took a good few hours to complete. For my embellishments I added wooden beads and metal washers.

Now onto my "S" word for today, which is "Spiritual".  Today I have had the best day, it has been Spiritual, Enlightening, Fun, Prosperous, a day where I have met new friends and enjoyed the company of old friends. I had the pleasure of having a stall with my jewellery at the "International Angel Day". This is the second time this annual event has been held and I can see this wonderful day becoming bigger every year.
 Me at International Angel Day
Groovy Goddess "Michelle" - Angel Readings


  1. I like the necklace, and you made it from string, amazing. Where is the International Angel Day held? I haven't heard of this before.

  2. I do love your necklace! You should make more and give them as gifts!!

  3. How cool the necklace and your stall.....awesome...



  4. This is so awesome that you're selling your jewelery, you sure have a lot of it on your table... very nice! I must have missed your post on what to do with a ball of string but I love what you did with yours, that's so creative!

  5. You are very clever with your creative skills, a really lovely necklace. Please you're selling some of your handiwork, must be very inspirational!


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