Thursday, September 30, 2010

S Theme - Day 19

Well today is my last day of my September / Spring "S" Theme. I have really enjoyed thinking of "S" things to write about. Even though I haven't written a post every day this month (due to IT problems and a social life) I have still thought of "S" things every day. So with that in mind my "S" word today just has to be "SUCCESS". I feel like I have had a very successful month.
As I mentioned back at the beginning of this month my Medicine Wheel message for September was "Transformation" and once again the message was spot on. I have and I am in the process of transforming various areas of my life at the moment.

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  1. Yes, already the end of yet another month, the time is just whizzing by! I've enjoyed reading your "S" themed posts, have you thought of your next theme for Oct. or are you not having a theme this upcoming month?

    Have a fantastic day/evening. I'd best get to this darn reading! There's so much of it and I'm procrastinating which isn't a good thing to be doing right about now! lol



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