Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"Great Intentions"

Well today I had great intentions to complete the list of things I had to do. But my intentions went out the window when I sat in front of my new Janome sewing machine. That was the end of me, all I did was tinker and play. I did get a bit of proper sewing done though. My last sewing machine had plenty of kms /miles behind it. One of my many jobs was to sew all of the customers home furnishing orders for a shop called "Biggie Best"and believe me there were a lot of orders. My little machine used to almost be glowing red hot. This job was at the time I split up from my ex-husband Paul, and it worked in perfectly with the kids. I could still participate in their in and out of school activities and then sew orders when they went to bed. I remember some nights being up until 2.00am sewing my little heart out. I guess we all do what we have to do - when we have to do it. I find sitting at a sewing machine and zooming along really relaxes me, I find it helps my brain solve all the problems of my world. I had a lot of history and memories stitched up in my old machine (which by the way got traded in), so now I will just have to start stitching up some new memories.

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  1. Wow! A Janome machine! That is so good for you! I love to be creative and make things yet today I just don't find the time! It's getting to be such a chore to finish up with painting and settling here, maybe... just maybe if I stayed home long enough eh? lol

    I love when that inner peace comes, I have certain things which I do where I find it so I can relate to what you are saying about sitting at your machine. What a nice treat and you sure are one creative lady! Hats off to you Davine!


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