Friday, September 4, 2009

"Angel Thursday"

Yesterday I had another beautiful morning at "Angels", but I know in my heart it will be the last Angels morning for me. I am positive I will be in contact with some of the girls, especially Michelle as I think our paths are destined to cross a lot more yet, but I know that format has run it's course in my life. Life is amazing how it puts us into environments where we need to be -when we need to be there. Then when it has helped us or we have helped someone else it steers us in another direction. The same can be said for friendships, we can be quite passionate about a friendship and then after a while it cools of and we move on, quite often leaving one of both of the parties feeling guilty or sad, but I don't think we should. I guess we really have to be aware that this is what life is all about and make the most of every minute we spend with someone and then be thankful we had that time in our lives, but also not feel bad about moving on. I know I have (as everyone has) had relationships that have run their course and when we drift apart we often feel one of us has done something wrong, but it is just time to move onto another stage in this amazing thing we call life. So to any friends that I have drifted from, thank you for being in my life when the time was appropriate and even though we may not see each other for a while remember that I appreciate the time that our lives crossed paths and you helped me be what I am today.


  1. Wow, very nicely put Davine and how true! I love the saying, `Friends may come and friends may go, but a family is forever.` I sure never want to drift away from my wonderful family even though sometimes we are apart for long stretches, the computer keeps us connected and I love it!
    I love the photo, extremely beautiful!

  2. Hey Davine,

    Fabulous post ... I know in my heart, too, that this particular path has come to an end. How blessed we were to have such an awesome morning to celebrate all we have learned. A fabulous graduation event.

    Michelle x

    PS YES, we have a new and long path yet to travel together - YAY!


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