Friday, September 25, 2009


Last Sunday I attended a "Weave your Own Dreamcatcher" workshop with Scott Alexander King at Mystical Dragon. Prior to the workshop Scott warned us that the day may be a bit confronting for some of us, there may also be tears. I certainly didn't find it confronting at all. In fact I found while I was weaving my web I was almost in a trance - I was so so relaxed. We learnt all about the legend of "Grandmother Weaving Woman" and "Grandmother Spider" and why the "Dreamcatcher" was made in the first place. I just love learning new things and I have wanted to weave a "Dreamcatcher" for a very long time. My "Dreamcatcher" now hangs in my special place for my dreams to be harnessed or set free as my life evolves. I am having trouble uploading the photo of my "Dreamcatcher" so I will try tomorrow. Obviously I am not supposed to upload it just yet.


  1. I love this photo! And I agree, the dream catcher is not ready to be posted for some reason. I too have a dream catcher and they work, I believe it is in the powers of the mind which make it work through. How do you view their effectiveness?

  2. I love the legends around the Dreamcatcher - it's wonderful you made your own too! Can't imagine why it would be confronting, I think you had the best experience - and I did too, when I made mine years ago. It will be "revealed" when it is time. :)

  3. Davine, I am so thrilled you had a successful day ... the Dreamcatcher energy would have been amazing and very reflective of you living your passion. Thanks for sharing.


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