Saturday, January 23, 2010

Viking Knit

I have had the best day - all of it has been "Davine Time"!! Last year I had booked in to do a "Viking Knit" weekend class at "Kay's Artycles" in a charming small town called "Loch". To my dissapointment I had to cancel, as it fell on the same day as the "AFL" Grand Final and my Dad and my football team was playing (boo hoo they didn't end up winning). But then to my delight the class was then rescheduled for this weekend. Thanks to Kay I was able to get as much experience and information in one day so I could get back to Dad tonight. Bill spent the first part of the day instructing Wendy, Alice and myself  how to set up the mandrel and weave and draw the chain. I tell you it is not as easy as I thought. I think it will take time and lots of practice to get the tension and look of the weave nearly as good as Bill's work. Later in the day Kay taught me how to finish off the bracelet with beads and a handmad clasp. I just really enjoy spending time with people who are so artistic and talented, it is so inspiring. I know my bracelet isn't nearly perfect but I love it. I will wear it with pride and to celebrate another day pamering myself with some "Davine Time".