Sunday, January 17, 2010


Today's post is short but my "Davine Time" was time spent with my beautiful son Shane. He lives in Cairns with his lovely girlfriend Stacey and he has had to come down to Melbourne for a work course for all next week. So I had the day with him, it wasn't long but anytime no matter how short is great.
Also - yeah!! tommorrow Rachel gets back from Phuket - I have really missed her - we will probably talk non-stop all the way home from the airport.


  1. great stuff Davine... im happy for you...hope you get to see as much of each other as you can both squeeze in your busy days..

    I bet stacey is missing him already


  2. That's really nice Davine.
    Not easy to get time together when they grow up & have their own lives to lead.
    Hope your daughter has enjoyed her travels.
    Hopefully, I'll be spending a whole day with my daughter the end of next month.
    We both have busy schedules which seem to clash.
    So these times are definitely precious.

  3. How very special and wonderful. Every little bit of time is a treasure. Enjoy.

  4. Your son is extremely handsome Davine! I feel the same way as you when I see my children, a little bit of time together is much better than no time spent together at all.

    I hope your daughter had a wonderful trip, I bet she's going to have so much to share about her adventure with you... how exciting!

  5. What a handsome boy! Sorry, they are always our "boys," no matter the age -- son is almost 20 and just rolls his eyes at nice that you get to spend time together!!!

  6. Your lad is very good-looking and Cairns is a lovely place. He would probably notice the difference in temperature! When one of my boys comes down from Sydney I love it, and it's always sad when they have to go back. I often wish they could transfer to Melbourne.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  7. I think I've mastered this comment stuff!!!!!!!! Shane is such a good looking little guy! Must take after our side of the family


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