Friday, January 15, 2010

Different Packages

Who saw the news report today "Tallest Man meets Shortest Man"? They are so so tall and so so short and quite amazing.

"Sultan Kosen, the 27-year-old Turkish giant who
stands 246cm tall got shin-to-face with tiny He Pingping,
 21, who stands at just 74.61cm"

I was really torn in how I should feel and react to these men. I know they are Guinnes Book Record holders, and I guess that is an acheivement. But part of me felt sorry for them as I felt in the video they were sort of being treated like a circus act. Then I felt a bit guilty feeling that cause they are probably very happy in their lives. Then I started thinking "Would they change their lives if they could". As you can tell I am torn - no matter what thoughts I have I feel guilty having them. Also from the video, I don't think they are very well people. See I am feeling sorry for them again and maybe I shouldn't be.

On a total different subject now. Tonight I am of to the movies and a meal with some girlfriends. We are going to see "Thats Complicated" with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin. I'll give you a review tomorrow. Also tomorrow my son Shane is coming down from Cairns for work, but I still get to see him. YAHOO can't wait to see him.