Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Australia Day

Tomorrow - January 26th - is Australia Day. All the shops have Aussie Flag memorabilia for sale, lots of people are organising their BBQ's, workers are looking forward to having the day off and some new Australians are preparing to become and Australian Citizen. Also once again politicians and celebrities are talking about Australia becoming a republic and changing our flag. This is an ongoing topic which comes up every now and then. What’s my view on this you ask? Well I think maybe we should become a Republic as really, we are not governed by the UK. But with changing the flag I am divided. I love our flag, but it is mainly the Southern Cross that I love. With this all going on it has got my mind a thinking about what I love about Australia. I have lived, travelled and experienced quite a lot overseas and just love coming home, not only because OZ is my birthplace but it’s a pretty good place to live.
OK now “Why Do I Love Australia”.

Even though we are a young country I love the history we do have, such as Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang. Funny; Bush Rangers who were really criminals are popular.

Those of us who are descendants of prisoners shipped out here from the UK, now think it is pretty cool. My ancestor was sent to Port Arthur as a prisoner for stealing sewing thread and currants in the UK. I thank him for doing it cause if he hadn’t I wouldn’t be here with you.

I find our Aboriginal history and beliefs such as “Dreamtime” very interesting.

We have the most unusual animals that are not found in any other part of the world.

I love the Aussie attitude of “It’ll be OK mate”.

We have the most amazing changes in the landscape throughout our country. Even the small state of Tasmania has many changes in its landscape from one coast to another.

With the many different cultures that have come and made their home Australia we have the best range of restaurants you could get anywhere.

We are very passionate about our sport and have great facilities.

When someone needs help wether on our shores or not most Aussies are willing to help in anyway they can.

I know everyone loves their home but these are just a few of why I love OZ. I would love to hear “Why you love your home, wether it be Australia of wherever”.

“Happy Australia Day”

** “Davine Time” update – took time out of my day to just sit and enjoy the sun shine.