Friday, January 8, 2010

Jodie Foster

After a very warm day in the high 30c's, my "Davine Time" tonight was spent having a nice refreshing cold beer which was a Tasmanian beer called "Cascade Light" and watching the movie "Flightplan", a 2005 thriller with Jodie Foster. It was a pretty good movie and she is such a great actress. I think if it hadn't had her wonderful acting it would have been just an OK movie.


  1. Now see there, you are just tempting us in the US with warmth and cold beer. I have really cold beer because it is in my garage. Brrrrrrrr. Glad you down under are all toasty and warm. Have a super weekend and a beer for me. I'm more of the hot toddy kinda chick right now. ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

  2. It never rains but it pours! Now you guys on the other side of the world are dealing with TOO much have too much cold...oh to have a second home in the Mediterranean or someplace similar...

  3. It's funny how a movie can make it big time due to the acting talent. 41º for Monday.
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  4. I wonder if it's too early for a 'cascade light' at 10.33am? It's sure hot enough for one!

  5. Hi all - Linda thats funny - you certainly wouldn't need a fridge. By the way what is a hot toddy?
    Penniwig - I agree lets all go to somewhere in the middle, although even just somewhere near water would do.
    Blosson - I know isn't 41c just ridiculous.
    Michelle - You can have a Cascade at any time. My dear Mum loved a beer and she would always say "Where on the bottle does it say what time it can be opened?"


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