Sunday, January 3, 2010

Decluttered Sleep

Today started with my alarm going of at 4.00am - yes that is right 4.00AM!!! My daughter Rachel and her partner Luke had to be at Melbourne Airport early to catch their flight to Thailand. They are having 2 weeks in Phuket. Now wouldn't that be nice 2 weeks hanging out on a beach. They will have a wonderful time, but I did tell them if they hear a Tsunami Warning head for high ground!! The rest of my day was taken up with looking after Dad and cleaning my bedroom. I have been doing ongoing renovations on my house ever since I moved in 16 years ago, so everytime one room is getting a face lift another room is crowded with all the STUFF. Well my bedroom has been full of the STUFF for months now and today was the day that it was to become a pretty bedroom again. I am happy to say that tonight our sleep will be spent in a clean, declutted beautiful bedroom. After the "have to" things had all been done I decided it was time for my FUN or ME time for the day. So I ran myself a hot bath, lit the candles and put some relaxation music on and spent a wonderful relaxing time in my bubble bath. I like this decision to do something for myself each day of 2010. My "ME" time will not always be something obvious to everyone, it may just be sitting enjoying my own company for 5 minutes, anything to make this year "DAVINES YEAR".