Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ice-Cream Mmmm

Well, I have had a fun day today. It was full of "Have To Do" stuff. Washing, Cleaning, Grocery Shopping and to top the day off Ironing. So to at least get some joy out of it I plugged my new IPOD into my ears, put the songs onto shuffle, cranked up the volume and I was of in my own little world. Luckily Shane was around cause if Dad had have called out my name for something there was no way in the world I would have heard him.  Only problem with the songs being on shuffle I would occasionally get the sad slow songs, but of they went - I was in a mood for dancin!! My favourite today (got played many times) was "Jessies Girl" by Rick Springfield. But true to my promise to myself this year I was not going to not have some "Davine Time" at some stage. As I said the other day some moments may be big, but some may be small. Today was a small moment in time. I sat down in my comfy chair - put my feet up and had a Choc. Wedge  Ice-Cream (Chocolate coated Vanilla). Mmmm it was yummy.


  1. I am so living thru you. Makes me want to take Davine time a matter of fact, I think that is what I will call my pause for the cause from now on......Davine time.
    Good for you for sticking to it....small bits, will lead to a better you. Hard lesson, hard to do but so worth it....I'm told, how would I know. (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))), Linda

  2. I remember that song! Wasn't he on a soap opera at some point? I'm gettin'

    Those iPods are amazing little things...all those songs in something the size of a mint box...

  3. This makes me smile. I can so picture you. I am not keen on ipods and the like, because I cannot stand having anything shoved into my ears. I like music to surround the air in which I move.

    I have Mon & Tues dedicated to "process" stuff, the like of which you have just described. I have also determined that they are the only days I will go to the shops. I don't count cafes, record stores or bookshops in that. Essentially just malls. They drive me crazy.

    Other than that, every day is mine. I can go to a library, wander the streets taking photos, go to a cafe and read my book, meet up with friends for a chat. Anything that I want. Even research an overseas trip which is one of the things I am currently doing.

    I like the idea of calling this "davine-time". That is how I will think of it from here on out.

  4. I remember choc wedges - they used to be 6d and Mum and Dad always had a two-in-one. They were a shilling.

  5. Good for you, that's the best way to tend those chores is with music. I find that the time passes by so quickly and before you know it... well you're eating ice cream!


  6. I, too, have a smile on my face after reading this post, Davine. And, I LOVE the idea of calling my down time, "Davine-time" - Thanks Girls!


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