Saturday, January 30, 2010

Morning Laugh

In my opinion there is nothing better for my soul than having a good laugh first thing in the morning. Unfortunately now that I don’t work in an environment where there are workmates and being at home every day caring for Dad, I find most mornings I don’t get that satisfaction. I used to work as a Travel Agent for Tourism Tasmania at the Tasmanian Travel Centre and I can comfortably say there were very few mornings that I didn’t start with a good laugh, often out of control laughter with tears and painful ribs. I worked with some great people but one in particular named Kaye was guaranteed to have a laugh with me every morning. It was usually over something totally silly, but it was a laugh (ma legs ma legs!!!! – Kaye will now be laughing – way to long to try and explain). It wasn’t till first thing this morning and I was catching up on a few blogs and found I was having a good laugh and how I felt. I realised I hadn’t done it for a while and I missed it. So I am now going to make sure I have a good laugh at something – even if it’s at me – each and every day. It certainly fits in with my “FUN” and “Davine Time” theme for 2010. Oh by the way last night’s scrapbooking evening was very enjoyable and productive.

** “Davine Time” update – indulging in my own thoughts in my own little world.