Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just catch up.

Well, I sort of feel guilty not writing a post yesterday. I had a fun day of housework, so I thought I would make myself a bracelet for my "Davine Time". Me being me, I thought I would try a new "Chain Maille" weave. Boy what a night, after 5 hours of playing and trying to work it out, I realised I wouldn't have enough jump rings and not only hadn't I updated my blog but I hadn't caught up with my friends!! So today I am not touching anything to do with jewellery!! Although I did get a couple of pieces made, but now I am having IT issues - can't upload any photos. Maybe I will leave the upload till tomorrow. My "Davine Time" today would be a little time wandering around a shopping centre, just mindless wandering. That's exactly what I did and now I am going to catch up with my friends.


  1. Of all the things that irritate me...and the list is endless some days, non functioning electronic things is right up there with stupid rude people. Sorry about IT.
    My daughter bought the booklet and jumprings to make bracelets but has not done so yet. Maybe I should spirit them away, she has enough stress right now.
    Have almost finished my "tidying up" my studio and hope to back in the saddle by Monday to make good use of all, all, all the supplies I have accumulated from not being able to find them and purchasing more.....that ranks right up there with electronics and so on. I am so happy for you in your quest to be good to you. You're a goodie.

  2. Chain mail is so fun! I used to make it -- there are some little gadgets to get to make it SO much easier, including a little slot-ring you wear on your non-dominant hand - you can twist the rings right open with it -- very nice -- I love the tiny, tiny rings to make "fairy maille" and can't wait until you finish your project and the computer behaves so you can upload the pics!!!


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