Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yay, I hit the 3000 mark of people who have viewed my blog today - I am up to 3018 - who would have thought - I am very happy.

Todays "Davine Time" was spending lots of small moments with my Dad. For those new to my blog I will fill you in on part of my life at the moment. Currently I am the full time carer for my "Dear Ol Dad" who turned 91 on November 9th last year. He has always been pretty healthy and semi active for an old guy even with lots of ailments such as Heart Failure, Diabetes etc etc. That was right up until the day he turned 91, that was when he decided he didn't feel like getting out of bed anymore and he hasn't. He now has heart failure and renal failure and is very frail, week and sleeps all the time. He has always liked a beer, so one of our moments today was sharing a stubbie together. It tasted good too. Another lovely moment was, after dinner he anounced that he might get out of bed!! So up he got, well I actually did the getting and I wheeled him out to the lounge room to sit with me for a while. It was lovely while it lasted - it actually only lasted 10 mins and he was exhausted from sitting up and went back to bed and fell straight to sleep. As I said they were very small moments but they were really nice moments shared with my Daddy.