Monday, January 18, 2010


My "Davine Time" today was definitely spending time with Rachel after not seeing her for 2 weeks. Rachel and Luke were due to arrive back in Melbourne from their holiday in Phuket at around 11.30am!! But after missing a connection, mechanical problems with a plane and just general delays they finally touched down in Melbourne at 5.15pm. They both look so healthy and tanned but really really tired. As expected between the three of us, we talked and talked quite a lot. After they had a shower they came around my house for Mexican and gave me some pressies. I got this lovely purple and black Thai bag and this beautiful Thai Buddha. They also said they had a surprise for me - my mind thought could it be a ring - no I don't think so not yet. I was right it wasn't a ring it was that they got a tattoo each. Luke got this Dragon with a Ying Yang Symbol on his ankle; it looks great - still a bit swollen. Rachel's tattoo is absolutely beautiful and I am so jealous. It is a Buddha and it's on the inside of her wrist. For such a small tattoo it has amazing detail. OK - I will admit it - I want one.


  1. Davine, I'd say go for it, get that tattoo! Do whatever makes your heart dance, it could be you're "me" time one of these days!

    Great to hear that your daughter and bf made it back and that you had a wonderful time with them today! And awesome gifts for you!


  2. Glad they are home safe,love the tatts perhaps for your birthday you could get one.
    I am really proud that you are my "girlfriend",where would we be without them?


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