Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This is Tuesdays post on Wednesday. Last night I sat down to write my post, but after reading all of your beautiful comments I was really at a total loss for words (now thats pretty unusual for me). I hope it comes across in these words - but I really really appreciate them. They made me feel like I had lots of friends sitting in the room with me having a chat about life. Isn't the internet as we have it today amazing. Although it can also cause some hurt. Later last night while checking facebook, I read some comments made by someone I love about someone else I love and even though they were not about me I felt very hurt and sad. As I think they may both read this blog I would like to say I would never take sides because I love them both so very much, but please remember life is way to short to be bitter, angry or waste any of your precious energy on negative stuff. Just remember what the important things in life are and above all have "FUN".

Todays "DavineRaeDesign" update - I am in the process of drawing up what I would like my website to look like!! In the meatime I think I will attach another blog to this one with a gallery of my jewellery.
What do you think, would that be a good idea or not - love your feedback?