Friday, January 22, 2010

I Hate Ants!!

Don't you hate it when you open a cupboard door and there in front of your eyes is a couple of hundred ants trying to carry away your food. Well thats what happened to me today - Oh my goodness I really hate them. What are the after? I know they come in for food, shelter or water but they ain't gonna get that at my expense. Luckily the cupboard they were it had mostly tightly sealed containers. But they were enjoying a fed in my sugar container and would you believe they were in the salt and pepper shakers!!!! Well I quickly gave them a few drops of "Ant Rid" - let them the buggers munch on that and take it back to the others in the nest. Can anyone tell me what ants are good for, why have we got them. I think they are just an annoying waste of space. Can you tell I don't like them!!

**** "Davine Time" update - I sat down and put my feet up for an hour or so and just browsed a Womens Magazine. Wasn't very interesting but was relaxing.