Sunday, January 31, 2010

Music - Music - Music

Way back in 1969 there was a little music festival called "Woodstock" - a couple of you may have heard of it!!!. Then on March 26th, 1970 the Woodstock Movie was released, and later that year it was released in Australia. As two 17 ½ year old girls my cousin Susan and I just had to go and see it. Also being that age we thought we might go have a couple of drinks prior to seeing the movie – even though legal drinking age in OZ is 18. Well a couple of drinks turned into a lot of drinks – way to many in fact. We still went to see the movie, but all I can remember is both of us singing really loud in the theatre. All the grown ups must have been really pissed of with us. Now where am I going with this story? Well the movie was on TV here a couple of weeks ago, so I taped it, and that is how I spent my “Davine Time” today. I sat and watched the “Woodstock Movie”. Mmmm didn’t remember one second of it!! Looking back at it now as an adult, some was a bit daggy, but I still would have loved to have been there. I would love to know if any of my friends out there actually went to Woodstock.

Then in 1972 the Music Festivals hit Australia and I have my chance to go to “Mulwala” which was held on the border of New South Wales and Victoria. None of my girlfriends went as they were either not allowed or just didn’t want to. So I went with two very good male friends of mine – Bruno & Ed. Mum only let me go because she knew the two boys very well and knew the would look after me. Then in 1973 I went to "Sunbury Pop Festival" with a group of friends which included my future now ex. One of the headline bands at almost all the festivals of my day was "Billy Torpe & The Aztecs", oh how sexy Billy Thorpe was then and also when he got older. Sadly he was taken from us way way to early. As I am now and was then very much into my music I remember both of these festival as being happy times and a very important reason I am the person I am today.

*** “Davine Time” update – As I’ve mentioned I sat in my comfy chair and watched “Woodstock, but I also had a lovely bubble bath with my homemade “Desert Sands Bath Salts”.