Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Thought I might share some photos of a couple of  bracelets I have made in the past few days. These are all made from silver plated jump rings and anodized aluminium jump rings put together in different combinations. The two with the coloured rings are a Byzantine Chain Maille design and the other one is a 3x3 with charms.

*** "Davine Time" Update - I am not a huge sweets person, I love savoury, but today I decided to treat myself with my favourite desert - "Apple Sponge". Mmmmm it was so so yummy.


  1. I want the top one!!!! How much? It is beautiful. LUVU

  2. The bracelets look wonderful but not really me. The pud however looked just as wonderful and REALLY me!! Thanks for turning on my taste-buds!!

  3. Beautifully made! Especially like the third one
    but all unique.
    Hmm...did someone mention pudding!
    Think you deserve it after making all those braclets.

  4. Gorgeous bracelets. I've never tried making any like that. Are they difficult?

  5. Ms. D the bracelets are lovely....the pudding looks yummy. Quite the temptress aren't you? Jewelry and dessert......
    After your post on Viking knitting, my daughter and I went searching the old internet to find out more. Oh my goodness, the hankering to start something new when I have so much to finish that is old. I don't know whether I am in your debt or if I should scold you for leading me on. The VK is awesome and has a spell on me.
    Now today's post will stir a chord in my daughter. Before Christmas she gave herself an early present of chain mail jewelry instructional book and supplies. Maybe she will get busy after seeing your fabulous bracelets.

  6. A bite of apple sponge, close a jumpring. Bite of sponge, close a would have been my method, resulting in weight gain and a very sticky bracelet!!!

    What gorgeous maille work you do!

  7. Lovely work Davine, my fav is also the top one even though I'm a pretty "simple" country girl when it comes to decorating myself. I wear a gold chain, diamond earrings, and a watch. That's it.

    Desert looks divine!

  8. Thank you all for your lovely comments.
    Bec: That bracelet is $25.00 if you still want it just email me.
    Mark: Glad I could help the taste buds.
    Shirleyanne: Thanks, I find it pretty relaxing making them.
    Debbie: Give it a go. They are not difficult, some are a bit tricky to start of but just keep going.
    Linda: i do love the Viking too - it was a bit tricky to do properly. Tell you daughter there are lots of websites that give some good tutorials on chainmaille. If she you like I can email them to her. My email address is
    Penniwig: Yeah thats about how it was - Thanks
    Darlene: Nothing like decorating ourselves.


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