Monday, February 15, 2010

Sleep Mmmm.

Yesterday the Nurses started Dad on morphine, in my mind, I take that as we are nearing his passing. We were all pretty exhausted so palliative care organised a nurse to stay the night so Shane and I could get a full nights sleep. Nicky arrived at 10.00pm and just took over, which is just what I needed. I took a sleeping pill and of into Zzzzzz’s world. I feel a bit more human today having had a good nights sleep and knowing that Dad was in very good hands. Today he has been quite settled, but still knowing me and nodding his head to some questions, when he is awake that is. The nurse is with him at the moment giving him a freshen up and inserting a catheter (my poor daddy). I am so happy he is now less agitated and very comfortable. We have a hospital bed in his bedroom and it has one of those air mattresses, it looks so comfy. Comfort and Hospital Bed are not two words that are usually used together. I was just in the bedroom helping the nurse turn Dad and I once again saw a glimmer of his funny sense of humour. I must admit I miss his sense of humour; it has always been very cheeky.

Canadian Rockies - 1989
The Olympics are bring back wonderful memories of my time in Canada.

** "Davine Time" update - Last night not only did I get a full nights sleep, but I had a lovely hot bubble bath.


  1. This is my first time posting here. Just wanted to say that my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. I know it must be so hard on you. Take care of yourself.

  2. Hello Davine, just to let you know, my thoughts are still with you & your family.
    Not an easy time.
    You take care!

  3. I'm so happy to hear that you managed to get in a full nights sleep, a long overdue one at that! Will the nurses come by a bit more often now to allow you to rest a bit? Cheers and hugs my friend, take care and I totally admire you Davine!

  4. Avalon Revisted - Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts. It is hard but I know I am doing the best for my Dad.
    Shirleyanne - Thanks heaps for your thoughts.
    Darlene - Yes the nurses will stay some more nights - we are doing tonight on our own, so will probably be tired tomorrow but at least Dad is very comfortable.

  5. God bless you, I just went through this with my Mother, she passed on Jan. 3rd all the while I was telling her that if she wanted to go to do that, I would be fine, all the while my brain was screaming momma, please stay, don't leave me. This so hard, take your time to grieve, pray and know that your Dad is going to a much better place. Again, God bless you

  6. Hi Stephanie!
    Sending many hugs and prayers! Keep on taking care of yourself too!

  7. Take care, Davine. It is a tough time.

  8. Oh I am so sorry!! I know this is a hard hard time. Take care

  9. Sorry I've been missing in action and not commenting---

    But my heart is with you and your Dad. You have been such a great blessing to him. I'm glad he's comfortable and you're getting some rest.

    You are all in my prayers.


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