Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hot - Cool - Pleasure

Todays temperature high was 34c, a bit better than yesterday but still pretty warm. But the clincher was the lowest temp. over night was 27c, and that is way to hot for anyone to have to deal with while trying to sleep. Needless to say there wasn't to much peaceful sleeping going on last night. I was quite stressed  making sure Dad didn't get to hot or dehydrated. But now we have had a refreshing cool change come through and we even got some rain. You could almost hear the plants and trees cheering for the beautiful drops of rain showering them. Shane thought I was crazy when I just stood out in the rain letting the water pour all over me, it was so refreshing. I must say when it is really hot it is hard to think of something to do that is "FUN" for yourself. Then I thought of some of the words I wrote to define the word "FUN" and one was "PLEASURABLE'. So my mind began the process - Mmmm - pleasure - eating - Chinese Food from my favorite resturant - Diamond Resturant. It's not the closest one to me but certainly is the tastiest - yes it is worth the 10min drive. Now I am sitting here having just finished my - Wonton Soup - Fried Rice - Combination Omlete, feeling very satisfied by my pleasurable meal. I am really enjoying this "Davine Time" I am treating to myself each day.