Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Love Skype

Late last night I heard my little red laptop start ringing to me - I wondered who is calling me on Skype, it's usually Rachel (daughter) but she is in Thailand. So I answered and low and behold it was my beautiful girl calling me from Phuket. It was not only so good to talk to her but also to see her. Rach and Luke have only been gone 4 days and we have to chat already - as you can tell we are very close, plus she wanted to check how her Papa is doing.

Today the hospital bed that palliative care arranged arrived, with a wiz bang air mattress. Dad looks so comfy curled up in this new bed, he says it's wonderful. I am really glad they suggested it, his old bed was a good mattress but this is so much more comfortable for him.

Now for my "Davine Time" update for today. I am so lucky to have my partner Shane around, it makes it easier for me to have an hour away on my own now and then. So today I took myself of to Spotlight. For my non Aussie friends, Spotlight is a large craft store that sells all sorts of stuff. They are having there sales now so I got myself a couple of house things. But the real me time was spent in the store next door. I don't even know the name of the shop but to my delight they sell Buddhas. So just to add to my collection I bought these two. As I have mentioned previously, the reason my blog is named "53 Buddhas and Me" is because back then I had 53 Buddhas in my collection. I will really have to do recount, as I have accumulated a few more in the past 12 months.

I am so pleased that some of my lovely blog friends have been inspired by my "Davine Time". It is so important to look after ourselves, not only health wise by in every aspect. After all we are the most important person in our lives, without ourself we have nothing. Remember above all make it "FUN".


  1. I am glad the mattress arrived for your Dad. That is a nice photo of him. What is his first name and how old is he?

  2. Hi Julie, I just knew you would be here. His name is Keith and he turned 91 on Nov 9th.

  3. So happy to hear your Dad is comfy (He has such a lovely friendly face)and your continuing to look after yourself, i think everyone can take a leaf out of your book.

    I love your Buddahs, esp the Thai one.

    Ohh and i love Spotlight, i go there and lurk in the shadows looking for inspiration when i have some spare time, which isnt very often. Do you have any projects on the go?

  4. Davine once again I commend you for doing all that you do for your dear Dad! He sure does look so comfy and what a gentle, serene look he has...this must be from being tended to by such a wonderful daughter.

    What nice "me" time you incorporated into your day and such a blessing to be in contact with your daughter. We are blessed! My "me" time last night was brief, I made the time to do a bit of motivational, spiritual reading right before I nodded off to sleep. This sure helps me sleep like a baby! Such a wonderful idea to make and take "me" time during one's busy, hectic life. Self fulfillment comes to mind and my self fulfilled life is blossoming day by day! Thanks to you and your inspiration!


  5. Lovely Buddhas, great that you are sticking to the Davine time and your Dad is so comfy looking in his new bed. Keep on keeping on. And I'm sorry I made you lose focus with the picture of Jim Morrison....drool.....

  6. I am so glad your dad has one of those excellent air mattresses -- it really helps keep any pressure sores at bay as well as being so much kinder to old bones...


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