Monday, January 4, 2010

Emotional Day

I have had a very emotional day today. I am a fairly even emotional person and people around me, even family, very rarely see me down. I have realised recently that I never cry in front of people, not sure why, cause if I am sad I certainly do cry, but only when I am alone. Dad hasn't been too bad today, but still very frail. Today I have has District Nurses visiting and also the Palliative Nurse visited. She gave me a brochure on what to expect as someone is coming to the end of their life. After reading it, it sort of hit home that this was actually happening to Dad now. I sort of fell in a bit of a heap and took myself of to bed for a bit of a cry. The rest of the day has been a bit of a haze for me. So as I said the other day, this year I am determined to do something for me every day to balance out the down times. So tonight I took myself of to the pool and swan 20laps. Now I am not a fit person by any stretch of the imagination but I haven't swan for about 5 months and it is amazing how your unfitness can increase. 4 Months ago I was swimming 40 laps of the 25metre pool, tonight I really struggled to get up to my 20.   I am really glad that I mentioned in my blog that one of my New Years Resolution was to have "FUN" and make sure I have some "DAVINE TIME" each and every day. Actually writing it down has sort of made me accountable to make it happen. I really hope all my friends out their are doing something for yourself at least once a week - daily would be better. I would love to hear any of your "PAMPER ME" activities. Remember - enjoy life and have "FUN".