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Yes, I am now 61 and extremely proud of it. I have just completed the 12 months of a lifetime travelling around Australia. So until my Aussie Adventure Part 2 starts I will indulge myself in my family, my jewellery business, my crafts and anything else that takes my fancy. You are most welcome to come along for the ride.

Friday, April 17, 2015

My Aussie Adventure Souvenir

I have always been a bit of a souvenir gatherer. Whilst living and travelling overseas in the 80's and 90's I collected spoons, flags (for my son), placemats, t-shirts and anything else that took my fancy. Luckily I have since grown out of this habit but while we were away on our 12 month Aussie Adventure I knew I really wanted on thing to be my souvenir. While in Alice Springs I wandered into a craft shop and saw some beautiful Aboriginal fabric. Straight away I realized that I wanted to make a quilt or doona cover with native fabric. I already had a couple of pieces of fabric I had bought in Hawaii and knew they would fit in perfectly. So during the 12 months I collected more beautiful Aboriginal designs. I decided to make a doona cover to use on our bed in the van (Myrtle). I have done patchwork and quilting for a very long time although haven't produced anything for a couple of years now. So I set myself a challenge for March and it was to complete my native doona cover. WooHoo it's finished and I just love how it has turned out. The fabrics I have used are so vibrant and cosy to sleep under. The back of the cover was a bit of an experiment. I bought some black sheeting fabric. My intention was to tye-dye it and have it black, red and yellow. But as the sheeting had polyester in it the bleach wouldn't take all of the black out and turned it brown. I wasn't to sure when I removed it from the washing machine but as I hung it on the line I knew this design was exactly what I wanted.
My Aussie Adventure Souvenir

Along my travels various pieces of fabric jumped
out at me wanting to be included in my project

The backing of the doona cover was a bit of an experiment

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Do you hide your emotions?

Recently I watched a short YouTube video about how we all tend to hide our emotions. I would share the link but I have no idea what the address was. Why do we sometimes hide our emotions? Is it because society and possibly childhood has conditioned us not to show some emotions as they are perceived as being bad for us.This video really struck a cord with me as I have in the past and still sometimes now store my emotions deep inside me. Why I ask myself? Possibly because if I don't acknowledge them they don't really exist or are a problem. We have five natural emotions and it is entirely natural to experience them. 

GRIEF - Grief is an emotion that surfaces when saying goodbye when you don't want to. 
It's a very natural emotion. But when grief is repressed it is transformed into depression. 
You control GRIEF,
DEPRESSION controls you.

ANGER - Is a natural emotion to express and it never has to be threatening 
or hurtful to anyone. But when anger is repressed it is transformed into rage. 
You control ANGER
RAGE controls you. 

ENVY - Is what inspires us when we see someone exceeding. 
It's what drives us to climb to the top and be the best we can be. 
It's a very natural emotion to express but if we repress envy it can transform to jealousy. 
You control ENVY
JEALOUSY controls you. 

All of these emotions stem from FEAR which is also a very natural emotion to experience. Our fear emotion is our protective instinct. Fears need to be faced and expressed. Fear is an expression of LOVE. Love for ourselves or love for others. LOVE is our highest emotion. 

The key isn't to stop feeling, the key is to start. 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Week in Rye

Here I am four days into our week camping in the seaside village of Rye and we have had almost all four seasons in those four days. We arrived on Wednesday night, got our camp all set up and caught up with our friends that are staying as well. But at about 11.00pm the wind started and around 2.00am  our annex was hit buy the beginning of the 86km winds and came down like a pile of cards. There was nothing we could do until daylight so we sat and listened as Mother Nature told us who was boss. Once daylight emerged we cleaned up our mess and luckily nothing was damaged just wet and messy. 
Thursday's weather was better with just a few showers and a bit windy. But it was made better with the visit from my daughter Rachel and my two adorable granddaughters Clare and Mikayla. It was Mikayla's first time playing on the beach and she was very excited and super cute. She was running around sideways like a crab.

Thursday evening four of us girls had the extreme pleasure of heading to Peninsula Hot Springs. The Bath House area of the springs consists of more than 20 different bathing experiences. These include a cave pool, reflexology walk, Turkish steam bath, Sauna, cold plunge pools, family bathing area, massaging mineral showers, hilltop pool offering 360 degree views and indoor and outdoor footbaths. The hot pools temperature ranges between 37c and 43c. 

Friday was a very lazy old day and Saturday us girls headed off to check out a couple of local markets. 
In my opinion Red Hill market is one of the best markets in Victoria. There are lots of many and varied products, lost of yummy food and plenty of beautiful fresh local produce. 

Today we headed to the tiny village of Tyabb to wander through the huge antique stores and many craft and various other speciality stores. I have been searching for something unusual to use in a wind chime I am making and yeah I found it in a little junk shed. I will share it with you when my project is finished. We then drove onto Hastings for lunch.

So now I bid you all goodnight as I prepare to snuggle up in my cosy bed in our camper Myrtle. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Today's Quote

Way back in the dark ages - well not really- back when I was a young teenager anyway, I read a quote that's for some reason just resonated with my sole. At the time it was quoted by the the late President John F Kennedy. Kennedys take on Gearge Bernard Shaws quote was worded slightly different.
"Some men see things and ask why. 
I dream things and ask why not."
I quickly sat down and wrote it in my best fancy writing and put it up on my wall. It stayed with me for many years moving to different locations in my room. When I got married at 20 my little quote was moved into a scrapbook for safe keeping. Unfortunately over the years my little quote got lost and I hadn't seen it written until today when my "Quote for the Day" flashed up on my phone. Why at such a young age did these words grab me so much and why today when I read it again did I feel compelled to write a blog post about it? I still don't have the answer is it because I have a curious mind, is it that I question everything? I don't know but I think tonight I am going to once again write this little quote in my fanciest writing and put it up so I can once again ponder it's words. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Feathers from my Mum

Does anyone feel they get a sign from a loved one who has passed? My Mum left me on a chilly November back in 2007 at 11.11pm. Whenever I see a feather in an unusual place I always know my Mum is with me. And I do see them in some unusual places!! Once I stepped out of the car at a petrol station and this little feather seemed to be following me. As I walked away from this little feather to the other side of the car, I said to myself "OK if this little feather blows under the car to me and touches me I will believe Mum is here with me". Guess what happened next? The little feather blew under the car and touched my little toe. Go figure!!
Feathers I have collected from around Australia that have confronted me in unusual places
Another feather incident that was totally "in my face" was while I was staying at my son Shane's house in Batemans Bay. I was walking through a shopping centre with Shane (partner not son) and my grandson O'Shea. O'Shea spotted a little feather and walked over and plonked his foot on top of it. I didn't take a huge amount of notice until moments later as we walked along a little feather drifted down from the ceiling in front of my face. Now that one made me take a little bit more notice! With that we left the shopping centre and headed out to the riverfront to get some freshly cooked chips. When we returned to the shopping centre some 20 minutes later a very intriguing sight confronted us! As we walked down the corridor we were amazed to see thousands of little feathers on the floor. WTF!! OK I am taking notice now!! I know there are people who will say "That's rubbish, it's just a coincidence". Maybe, but I still believe it's Mum say "I love you and I'm here with you".

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever had a time when you stepped way out of your comfort zone? Something you really wanted to do but the power of embarrassment or making a fool of yourself held you back. Many a time I have been faced with the opportunity when I could have stepped through the door but the "Cautious Cate" inside me stopped me. Luckily as I have gotten older "Cautious Cate" has not shown up as much in my life. The photos below were one such time when I stepped through the door and didn't worry about what people thought of me. It was while we were travelling along the West Australian coast. We were camping on a cattle station on the coast and I had the thought that if I headed down to the beach very early in the morning, before any foot prints were in the sand and while the tide was out I may just be able to create some art. So I headed down with a steel rake (getting it is another story!) and drew circles in the sand. After about an hour of doodling I had created some huge mandala circles in the sand. I had such a sense of satisfaction. When I turned around to head back to our camp I noticed I had an audience. At first a little bit of embarrassment crept in but then I thought "bugger it" I have had an amazing morning!!! 
When have you stepped through that door? 
Has there been a time when you wished you had? 
Is there anything you would really love to do but your "Cautious Cate" has stopped you?