Saturday, September 10, 2016

Rollingstone Pineapple Festival, Townsville

We have decided to head to the coast as we feel we need a bit of an ocean fix, so Townsville will be our base for about a week. We only arrived yesterday but have also realised the humidity isn't all that much fun, but we will survive. Today we headed about 50km north to the Rollingstone Pineapple Festival. This festival is held every year to celebrate the beginning of the Pineapple Harvest in the area. It was only a gold coin donation and from what a couple of locals told me this year there were about three times as many people as there has been in other years. There were heaps of stalls selling various products, lots of food outlets and some real down home country events. 

I'm sure the young local girls were enjoying doing their line dancing but they were concentrating so much there weren't many smiles. Except when one made a bit of a booboo. 

There was the usual tall man on stilts, of course a pineapple walking around and the luckiest person at the festival on this hot day. The guy who got dunked in the water when a ball hit the target. 

Yes it was a walking Pineapple!

One minute he was there.......

.....then he was gone
There was a feature of some immaculate amazing vintage cars. 

This was one big chainsaw!!
But the definite winner for me for it's cuteness was the Native Animal Rescue tent. The three tiny kangaroo joeys were absolutely adorable. This little lady was so young she didn't have all her hair on her belly yet. She is fed a special milk formula every three to four hours. 

This little lady was just too adorable

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