Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Dinosaur Stampede National Monument

This is why I came to Winton, this is the attraction I wanted to visit. The Dinosaur Trackways was formed 95 million years ago when outback Queensland was a completely different place. Today it is an arid climate but back then the landscape consisted of a great river plain, with towering conifers and lush vegetation, swamps and lakes full of lungfish, freshwater mussels and crocodiles. It would have been a humid but cool with an average rainfall of over one metre.
The harsh countryside of today's Queensland

Hundreds of tracks from the smaller dinosaurs
The Dinosaur Stampede consisted of at least 150 small two-legged dinosaurs which included carnivorous coelurosaurs that would have been about the size of a chicken and slightly larger plant eating ornithopods. It is thought they would have all been having a drink at the edge of a lake.

The Dinosaur Stampede

Quite an amazing building to come across in the countryside

Scattered over the rock face are over 3,300 footprints of these long extinct dinosaurs. From what the anthropologists can tell their relaxed drink was suddenly interrupted by the sudden terrifying arrival of a large theropod which was about the size of a very large horse.
The Dinosaur Trackways
This snapshot of a few terrifying moments has been frozen in time, immortalising the event. This Dinosaur Stampede is the only one of it's kind ever discovered in the world. It is truly amazing and if you are a Dinosaur doubter this will make you a Dinosaur believer. 
Along the drive there were a few dams with muddy brown water in them.
Then there was this one with the bluest water I've ever seen

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