Monday, June 9, 2014

Mind, Body, Spirit

This little one armed girl has had a wonderful long weekend here in Melbourne. Sunday I had the joy of catching up and lunch with two great long time friends Kaye and Helen. I just love catching up with friends you have history with it really makes life easy.

Then today I took myself off to the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival. This is probably the sixth year I have been to this wonderful festival. Each visit I usually wander aimlessly taking in all the sights, sounds and smells. But today I decided I wanted to have a couple of readings and to also have a Spirit Guide drawing done. My readings went very well, giving me insights into me and my future, which I totally agreed with. 

Apparently today I had two spirit guides with me. The one that was drawn for me was known as Takoma, a Native Indian with his elegant eagle. I'm really looking forward to finding him the perfect place in my home. 

I am sitting here now pretty tired as this is the busiest I have been since having my shoulder surgery, but satisfied on my really enjoyable weekend. 

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