Sunday, April 27, 2014

Warrnambool, Victoria

WooHoo after 12 months I am back in my home state and I must say it certainly is a bit chilly. Even though our short stay in Warrnambool was cold and wet it was still nice to be back in this seaside city again. With a population of around 34,000 Warrnambool is quite a large regional city. I have been here quite a few times and it never fails to impress me. If I was to ever move from Eltham to a regional area this is one city I could live in.
A bit chilly, but I do love the ocean on a wintery day
In days gone by the Fletcher Jones and Staff company was the place for men to buy clothes. I remember my Dad always bought his trousers from Fletcher Jones. Sir (David) Fletcher Jones OBE (14/8/1895 - 22/2/1977) was an Australian clothing manufacturer, and pioneer in workforce participation. It is claimed that "Arguably, no single person or firm had done more to transform and, for a time, homogenize Australian dress standards among men, than Fletcher Jones and his staff". He structured his business so that all the employees owned shares in the company. Initially the Jones family had two-thirds and the staff one-third, but the balance gradually swung and by the 1970's the staff held over 50 percent of the shares. As well as the factory outlet Fletcher Jones' beautiful gardens were a drawcard for many tourists visiting the area. But by 2012 all the Fletcher Jones stores and the Warrnambool factory had closed. The factory is still standing but most of it has fallen into disrepair, but luckily the gardens are still there and as beautiful as ever.

Beautiful .....

Fletcher Jones Gardens

Still very impressive after so many years

There was even some very impressive vegetables

I don't like the taste of Artichokes but I really like the plant

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