Monday, April 28, 2014

Camperdown, Victoria

With our Aussie Adventure Part 1 almost at an end, with only 3 more nights before we are back in Melbourne. Although it could be about another month before I return back to my house. My daughter Rachel and her little family have been living in my house while their new house gets built and the completion date is about a month off yet. But that's OK we will continue being "Trailer Trash" for a while longer. Our last three nights are being spent in the charming regional town, Camperdown. This part of Victoria is known as the "Western District" and is an extremely pretty part of Victoria. Camperdown lies within the "Lakes and Craters" regions, sitting at the foot of Mount Leura which together with nearby Mount Sugarloaf are part of a large extinct volcano complex known as the Leura Maar. (A maar is a broad, low-relief volcano crater that is caused by a phreatomagnetic eruption, which is an explosion caused by groundwater coming into contact with hot lava or magna. To the immediate west are the deep volcanic crater lakes Bullen-Merri and Gnotuk while to the east is the crater Lake Purrumbete popular for it's trout and chinook-salmon. Which is exacting why we went fishing on Lake Bullen-Merri today. But alas even though it was nice and relaxing having a fish, we had no luck. Oh well we will see how we go tomorrow.

It was pretty chilly but oh so relaxing
It was pretty awesome sitting on the rim of an extinct volcano fishing. You could see all the small rocks that had been spewed out and fused together. There was also an amazing rock formation that almost looked like coral.

These small stones, now all fused together, were spewed out of a volcano millions of years ago

Very interesting shoreline

This formation was amazing.....

....and looked just like coral

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