Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Cave Country

The Margaret River region is home to over 100 caves, although only a handful are accessible to the tourists. Four of these such caves are Lake Cave, Moondyne Cave, Jewel Cave and the one we went to visit Mammoth Cave. Some of the caves are also accessible to experienced cavers only. The caves in this region are nestled in the spine of the Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge. Mammoth Cave is a gigantic cave nestled amongst giant trees. The reason we picked this cave to check out is because it is a self-guided cave, so we could view it at our own pace while learning about the caves formation on the MP3 provided. While walking under the amazing stalactites and around the gigantic stalagmites and beautiful shawls the commentary explained the fascinating story of how these such caves are formed and how some 10,000 fossils accumulated in the Mammoth Cave. At the exit of the cave we emerged into a sunken forest. I could definitely never do adventure caving but there is something about being in a cave so far under the earth. 
We drove through a beautiful forest on the way to the caves.
 I think they are Karri Trees, maybe somebody can verify that.

Mammoth Cave - Amazing Stalactites - hold on tight

Beautiful Shawls

Grand Stalagmites - might reach the roof

We came across this bronze statues of a naked girl, on a skateboard her hair and blind fold flowing in the wind as she hurdles down the hill. There wasn't a sign with it so I have no idea of the how or why's. I'd love to know it's significance of it?

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