Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Day in Fremantle

Yesterday we decided to spend the day in Freo (Fremantle). The City/Port of Fremantle is only about 20 plus kms from Perth and would be an easy drive. But we decided to be tourists and get a ferry down there and come back on the train. So we headed off early to the bus stop, just outside the caravan park gate. After about a 15 min trip in the bus we then boarded the train for Perth CBD. It has been so long since I have travelled on a train. I used to travel 40 mins each way into Melbourne CBD when I worked for the Tasmanian Travel Centre. Because we are both now "Seniors" (60 years old) we got our fare for $1.50 each. I couldn't believe it was so cheap. Well it was so far so good, we had got this far OK. It was then a short walk down to the ferry terminal to board the James Stirling ferry for the hour and a half journey along the Swan River to Fremantle. Even the ferry journey was a reasonable price at $24 each. The Swan River is a beautiful river to travel along with the banks lined with lots of history and some amazing and very expensive houses.

James Stirling - Captain Cook Cruises
A few Dollars in the row of houses!!
Beautiful old restored buildings of Fremantle
The historic Esplanade Hotel would have to be the biggest hotel I have ever seen.
Even though Freo is a fairly large city in it's own right, it has a village feel to it. But a trendy sort of village. We spent the day touring around the city and had a scrumptious fish and chips lunch at the fishing boat harbour in Cicerellos.

Freo had some amazing sculptures

and some just made me giggle...
After a full day of touristing it was time to head back to Myrtle. First it was off to the Fremantle Railway Station. As in most of Fremantle, this was a very old historic building that had been lovingly restored. I just had to take a photo of inside the toilets. The doors were amazing and extremely heavy.
The train trip took us about 30 mins to reach  the Perth Station. Then we changed to another platform to get another train to Stirling Station. Once there we only had to wait about 2 mins before our bus arrived to take us on our final leg of our adventure. Once again our whole trip home cost us $1.50 each - so cheap! By the time we got back to Myrtle we were both pretty tired from our day out.

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