Friday, July 12, 2013

T.V and Pumphouse

As our visit to Kununurra is starting to come to an end, today was the day for housework (takes me so long NOT!) washing and preparing for our next destination, which we are unsure where that will be yet. But it was also the day to tackle the satellite TV dish, I wasn't going to let it beat me. And I am happy to announce it didn't, it took a while and with the help off a fellow camper we now have TV. Not that we will watch much on it but it's nice to have it just to veg. out sometimes. Shane's glued to it at the moment watching The Ashes.
I wasn't going to let this dish beat me !!!

Yeah we have TV !!
A couple of people had recommended The Pumphouse Restaurant & Bar for dinner, so tonight was the night to actually do my hair and get dressed up just a little and go out for a nice meal. We decided to sit outside but after being there for 30 minutes we thought we had made a mistake. There were millions of little bugs flying around everywhere. They were so bad we were considering not staying for dinner. But the owners turned the lights out and with the yellow lights on the tables it all but got solved the bug situation. Our meals were quite good but the desert of Apple Pie, ice-cream, cream and fruit was to die for.
Yummy Desert

Sunset @ Pumphouse Restaurant

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