Monday, July 29, 2013

Broome sights - some more than I expected!

Today was a very lazy old day, just sitting around enjoying the life we have chosen to live. But yesterday was a day of sightseeing, some more than I expected. We started the day by visiting Broome market. It sort of had a bit of a hippy feel about it. I just couldn't resist having a Sugar and Lemon Crepe from the crepe bus. It was so so yummy. Then we headed up to beautiful Cable Beach with it's white sand and the bluest of blue water. There is an area where 4WD vehicles are allowed to drive up the beach, so seeing we are getting a little bit more adventurous we decided to give it a go. There were quite a few cars up along the beach and we thought maybe they were fishing, so off we went. We got about half way along and we realized that there was no fishing going on. The reason a lot of people were heading up there was to sunbake, swim and walk around in the nude. Strange thing was it wasn't totally nude it was a mix of dressed and nudist. At first I was a bit shocked as I didn't expect to see naked men walking along the beach beside where I was driving. One of the downfalls was all the nudies were older than us, so there were no trim, taught and terrific bodies to admire. If I was younger I probably would have gone up there and sunbaked naked but I'm not to sure about walking along the beach. I'd love to hear your view, would you, have you? And if your wondering no I didn't take a photo!!
Off we head down the beach - I was a little excited.

Beautiful Cable Beach

Our day was finished off with a visit to the Broome Town Village Bar for a Sunday night roast and - get this - the Crab Races. The roast beef was very nice and might I say huge. For $18 there was enough food on one plate to feed two people. Then the crab races started - for $10 you got 6 tickets and if one of your tickets got drawn out you picked out your crab for that race. There were five races for the night and up until Race 4 we had no luck at all - none of our tickets had been drawn. Then our luck changed in The Crab Cup, Race 4, my ticket got drawn out and I got "Little Log CRABIN". I gave my crab a kiss for good luck and she was placed in the middle with all the other seven. The starting horn was blown and the little hermit crabs were released all heading towards the outer red finishing line. Some were going sideways, some retracing their steps but my little No.5 just headed straight towards me and reached the red line well before any of the others. Yay I won $150 - thank you little crab. The next race was the 5th and final race - The Fish Stakes. This time we were lucky enough to get two little crabs racing for us. By this time of night I think the little fellas were getting tired as they all took their time getting anywhere. I had eFISHent racing for me and even though he took his time he was still the 2nd little crab to get to the finishing line. Yay I won another $56. So overall we had a pretty profitable night. Don't worry I checked, the little crabs will be returned to the sea in the morning - although they may get teased about having a number on their back.

Crab Race No 3 guide.

And their OFF!! Sorry it's blurry but I was a bit excited as my crab was winning.



  1. cute little crabs!!! You should have nuded up Mum and Shane:-)

    1. Yeah they were pretty cute. It's not as if we would have been the only people with floppy bits, cause they all did.

  2. Wow! What a fabulous experience-filled day, Davine. You paint a whole new picture of Broome! :) How exciting to win on the Crab Races ... no, I'm with you. I wouldn't have been nude on the beach - too many bits to get sunburnt! However, if there was decent cover, definitely!


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