Saturday, July 27, 2013

Broome"s Beauty

The last few days have been spent soaking up Broome's beautiful weather and sights. It is quite a commercial touristy town, but still has a very relaxed atmosphere. This morning we left the caravan park we were staying - Broome Gateway (without power) and are now in a park a bit closer to town - Broome Caravan Park, but also almost twice as dear. Even though the last one had no electricity I really enjoyed it. It was nice and remote, quiet and every night there was a huge fire in the huge fire pit and everyone sat around sharing their travel stories. It was quite funny on our second night there we were sitting around the fire and all of a sudden we found ourselves in a situation we vowed not to get in. Prior to leaving on our Aussie Adventure we watched a lot of caravaning DVD's and shows. A lot of them would show a heap of people (older than us) sitting around the camp fire, listening to poetry, singing and various other entertaining activities. We always said no we won't be doing that!! So on this night while sitting by the fire pit enjoying the fire all of a sudden someone started reciting poetry and then people started singing. Well Shane and I just looked at each other with shocked looks on our faces and tried to hold our laughter in. Yes we did sit there and listen but I must say I don't think it is my thing. The most well known beach in Broome is Cable Beach - named this when the underwater cable was laid between Indonesia and Australia. Cable Beach has been named one of the most beautiful beaches anywhere in the world. I haven't actually been to the beach as yet but I did get some shots from the distance.
Everyone prepares for a night around the fire pit

It wasn't long before the fire was blazing and the poetry was being told!!

Japanese Sunset Sky - amazing

Broome has the most spectacular sunsets

This little Magpie Lark was really infatuated with the bird in Shane's car mirror


  1. Hmm, Caravan Park behaviour would be so interesting. Love your story of the fire pit and poetry, Davine - not sure if I'd love it or not. :) Again, I am loving your sunset/sunrise photos ~ thank you.

    1. Thanks Michelle - there certainly are a lots of characters around!


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