Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Broome to ........? Broome

This morning we packed up Myrtle ready for her week in storage and packed the car for our drive up to Cape Leveque. We had just hit the dirt road and stopped to let some air out of our tyres and the little tyre pressure gizmo broke. So we headed back in town to buy another one - really need one for this journey. We had got a little bit further along the road and we got a call from my daughter Rachel letting us know that our little dog Zoe wasn't well and she was taking her to the vets. That set our emotions on edge and then I picked up a packet of bickies and the whole box emptied all over me and the car. A that point I figured something in the universe was telling us not to head up north today and maybe we should have the night in Broome. That way we could get the news from the vets as well. But what to do - Myrtle is in storage! What else book into a motel. So here I sit in a motel room at the Mercure Broome, which has blown the budget for this week, but at least we are getting our TV fix for another few months. So tomorrow morning will will head off on our Cape Leveque journey for the next week. I don't think I will have any phone or Internet reception for the week, so it might be a while before I do another post. By the way little Zoe is on antibiotics and has to go back to the vet on Friday. Thank goodness I have a satellite phone that I can call Rachel on Friday to check on Zoe. 

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