Sunday, January 30, 2011

Extended Families

Friday Nights Family (extended)  BBQ was a very enjoyable night.

My Pregnant Girls - Rachel my daughter and Stacey my son Shanes girlfriend.

My family - Luke, Rachel, Stacey and Shane
There was lots of laughter as the boys tried to stick their bellies out
as their pregnant girls.
Davine, Rachel, Stacey and Paul (my ex)


  1. Two babies on the way. You are in for such a treat! Grandkids are fantastic. xo jj

  2. Davine, wow, the ladies look fantastic! I can see the glow all the way from here. :-) It looks like a wonderful evening.

  3. Thanks Joanna and Darlene - I must say I am pretty excited and yes they are glowing.

  4. Fabulous photos, Davine. :) It's going to be so exciting to have the new 'grand' babies!


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