Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day in the City

I was just to tired last night to update my blog, but my tiredness was from having a really nice day/evening. Shane & I decided to have a day in the city - I wanted to get some photos developed - for FREE. I get my photos developed from the shop I have bought a couple of cameras from - Camera House. I have always got a really good price from them and as a bonus you get 1000 photos developed free for 12 months. Very worthwhile when you are scrapbooker. After getting my photos and wandering around the shops for a little while we went to the Melbourne Aquarium to see the "Baby Hammerheads". The aquarium itself was really good but the baby hammerheads were a bit disappointing as you couldn't really get a great view of them. Then last night I went out for dinner with two old friends Janine and Vicki ( not old as in age - old as in knowing them for a long time). Isn't it great when you can sit down with girlfriends whom you may not see all that often and still feel right at home and let all the good, the bad and the ugly hang out. Sitting talking to the girls really bought home to me that all of us should really turn to our friends when we need someone to talk to, or just of load to. Also there shouldn't be a day go by that we don't do something, whether it's bit or small for ourselves EVERY day. Today has been a bit quieter, but I have just returned from picking up Rachel (daughter) and Luke from their three week holiday in Malaysia. Boy has her tummy grown in that 3 weeks!
I don't think we stopped talking all the way home - had to make up for the 3 weeks we never spoke.
Looking back at the city along "Old Sandridge Bridge"
The Sandridge Bridge is a historic former railway bridge over the Yarra River in Melbourne,
which was redeveloped in 2006 as a new pedestrian and cycle path featuring public art.
Mr. Murray Cod
Murray cod are large fish, with adult fish regularly reaching 80–100 centimetres (32–39 in) in length in all but the very smallest waterways. Murray cod are capable of growing well over 1 metre (3 ft) in length
and the largest on record was over 1.8 metres (6 ft) and approximately 113 kilograms (250 lb) in weight.

I think this cute little frog is called an "Arrow Frog" and they have extremely poisonous skin.
Mmmmmm not so cute after all.
This prehistoric creature is an Australia Water Dragon
I just love looking at jelly fish - mind you I wouldn't be so interested in them is I was in the water.

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  1. I love your photos Davine, the first one of the city is beautiful and the jellyfish intrigue me.

    Good for you to get into the city for a bit and catch up with dear friends. good for you.

    How far along is Rachel? I can't wait until you hold your grandbabies for the first time... I just can't wait until you share about your experience. I'm so happy for you and naturally for the proud parents as well!


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