Monday, August 9, 2010

I Love.....part 6

I am so tired tonight after having an exhausting but exhilarating day at a huge gift fair for retailers. I am able to attend because I now have  business - my jewellery. Most of the 800 plus amazing stands were not really appropriate for my line of business, but there were quite few wholesalers that had supplies that I use. I bought some beautiful amber pendants from the Baltic part of the world to go with some of the chains I make. Also just walking around so much wonderful creative sights really brings out the creativity in me. Now I will get to my "I Love" for today. When I got home my feet were killing me - they were yelling "we have walked way to far". So I prepared a bucket of lovely hot water filled with relaxing smelling bubbles and relaxed. It's amazing how relaxing it is when you are soaking your feet, so all I have to say is "I Love Soaking my Feet". Sorry I don't have a photo, way to tired to lift my camera.

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  1. Sounds divine Davine, that's what I should have been doing last night but nope I worked until my feet were screaming at me to get to bed!

    The fair sounds like it was huge, that's a lot of businesses under one roof!


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