Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Love.....Part 11

One of my favorite outings is to go to markets. That's why my I love for today is "I Love Markets". I'm not fussy, it can be either a craft market, a food market, a trash and treasure market, really any sort of market. Any time I am visiting anywhere different either locally in another state or overseas I will always check out any markets that may be happening while I am visiting. I don't even have to buy anything at the market, it is just such a great experience checking out all the variety on the stands, smells, sights and of course the people.
I must admit some markets I have been to have really challenged me smell wise. One such market is the local market in Denpasar in Bali. I really love visiting this market but the lower level where all the meat, vegetables and spices are is quite overpowering, but because it is such a great experience I just cover my nose and soak up the sights. Shane and I visited the Flemington Craft Market this morning and it certainly did not fall into the smelly category at all. The smells of the "Profiteroles", "Paella", "Salt and Pepper Calamari" and heaps more were absolutely yummy. Then there was the relaxing smell of the "Vanilla Soy Candles" and flowers. 
What a lovely way to spend a morning.

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  1. What a wonderful way to spend a morning, markets are so much fun and there are all sorts of cool finds. That sounds like a fantastic idea when it comes to decorating my new home, thanks for the idea Davine!


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